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Tenant Improvements  .  Permit Drawings . CAD Drafting  .  Project Support

Interiors, Home Design, Space Planning

Interior Designers need to convert their hand made sketches into CAD drawings. Space allocations, minimum allowances, need to be kept in mind. Homeowners /Business-owners planning to renovate, remodel, or redesign their premises need help in optimizing utilization of space in order to achieve best possible residential or commercial layouts which serve their respective needs. Kitchen Cabinetry Design, which includes washrooms, basement upgrades, entertainment centers, fireplace surrounds, and other areas requiring cabinetry, being such an integral and the most value adding feature of a house, also needs careful attention.

We, at CADDS Consulting step in to work closely with you, fully understand your needs, and are able to develop the right mix of Design and drawing solutions for you.

CAD Drafting

Contractors, Home-owners, Interior Designers, Realtors, need permit drawings for any renovations or re-modelling they are undertaking. Manufacturers need to create CAD library of products they manufacture, for both in-house as well as off-shore production and ordering. Architects need to delegate work overflow in-order to meet tight deadlines.

We, at CADDS Consulting come in, do first hand checks, site measures, note all relevant details from the existing, so that in the end, in the proposal that gets presented, you get in hand exactly what you need.

Project Support

Builders & Developers require Project Management & Support Services in running or servicing Construction Sites.

We, at CADDS Consulting

collaborate with the Project Team,

set up information and process flows, and develop and maintain robust Information Management Systems and Scheduling Platforms.

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