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Might as well say it, if its circling within

Going Solar

Dec 15, 2020

"It takes about 75 sft of roof space for every 1kW of output from a solar array, and about 5kW of output is required to supply all the electrical needs of the average home in their service area. That translates to about 375 sft of roof space needed to mount an array of sufficient size to meet all of the home's needs." p86, FHB Nov2020

Mass Timber, ye !

Dec 09, 2020

Usually fabricated off-site as panels, mass timber products are comparable in strength and durability to concrete and steel and considerably lighter in weight. BC is a world leader in the fabrication and design of mass timber infrastructure with many buildings showcased around the province. There is a high level of mas timber expertise in BC and many professionals in the field have garnered international attention. 

I imagine it for you, so you must comply

Dec 06, 2020

"Its so lovely that clients embrace the architect's concept of keeping things simple, and occupy the house in the same spirit. They avoid clutter, going so far as to resist installing window treatments, except in their bedroom, where they need to mitigate heat from the morning sunlight."  - paraphrased from a DWELL Sep-Oct2020 article.

All Clients are not meant for you

Dec 06, 2020

Sometimes, the conflict arises from the client approaching the project from a spec home perspective, trying to look for an already done layout and wanting to get it done quickly, albeit with some changes, while our approaching it from a boutique customer centric service point of view. There can not be a meeting point as far as negotiating design fees goes.

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